Depends what I'm doing! For delivering motivational training or talks I like to find out about the audienceand the message most suitable to them. I then adapt the slides to tell the same story about me and my life but try and highlight parts that relate to the audience...
I went to Highlands College to study the one year foundation Diploma In Art & design. After which I gained a place on the three year degree course in Hot Glass design and sculpture at Wolverhampton University. I won a scholarship to Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle and studied there for a while before touring around the famous glass factories in Sweden learning as much as possible.
I work part-time as a personal tutor and lecturer in the Animal Management Department. Most days I am either planning lessons, teaching, having one to one tutorials or marking assignment work. The areas I teach include animal welfare, anatomy and physiology, zoo and exotic animal husbandry and nutrition.
If a teacher inspires you, learn from them and let that inspiration help you grow. Read up on the subject in your own time and show interest in the related current educational issues. Remember to learn from failure, you will not always succeed at everything, some of the best lessons you will have come from constantly work towards improving yourself and your craft, commitment and enthusiasm can lead to incredible things.
My day could be anything from teaching street dance or graffiti to making slime or fires to roast marshmallows. I organise trips for the older children during the holidays, which is anything from stand up paddle boarding, paint ball to beaches trips. We also provide a short breaks service for children with complex needs which I help organise activities for. My main job is to make sure the children are having fun!