Will Berresford

Will Berresford

Business Development | Love Wine

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Working in a small business you are always hands on. Some days I am sat in the office going cross-eyed looking at spreadsheets, some days I’m reviewing our product range hunting for new products, other days I’m out and about meeting trade customers or hosting wine tastings. You will also see me behind the till from time to time when help is needed.

How did you get your job? / What training, degree, education do you need? 

I have a varied education, including A Levels, a degree in Landscape Design and even my entry qualifications in Offshore Trust and Company. My job however, came about from a passion of wine and ‘maybe’ the lifestyle that came with it. My passion took me in the direction of vineyards around the world, where I learnt first hand about what it took to make wine. Along the journey I sat my WSET Advanced exam (distinction) and Segway’d into the industry through friend’s introduction.

What are the most important skills needed for your role/job?  

Practical skills can be learnt along the way, however a creative flair, people skills and passion for the product are very important. 

Are there any future skills you will need to learn for your role? 

I could always develop for the better, my organisation skills. One skill you need to keep working on is your ability to taste and smell… two senses that are very important to someone in the trade… not only to ensure you maintain a quality product in the portfolio, but to make sure you enjoy your job as much as possible!

What is the best part of your job? / What motivates you in this role?

Developing strong relationships with customers. Offering and delivering a fresh, creative, and exciting approach to the industry. Sourcing and tasting new wine / spirits and beer, never a chore. Finally, visiting a vineyard from time to time wherever possible… wine can take you to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

What advice would you give someone interested in a career in your profession? 

As Maverick recently put it… ‘Don’t think. Just do!’

Who inspires you and why? 

Inspiration comes from many places; however, winemakers / growers are an inspirational brunch. 

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