The Skills Development Team

Working closely with schools, parents, employers, the government, and wider community we research, create, promote and deliver a portfolio of skills development schemes and initiatives that meet the needs of the Island – now and in the future.  

Marketing and Events
We coordinate a series of annual events that are key in the academic calendar, inclusive of the Higher Education Fair and the Skills Show that align with the needs of the island, in collaboration with industry. These events are designed to offer islanders of all ages the chance to have meaningful encounters with relevant stakeholders, assisting them in navigating their options at various stages of life. 

Complementing each event, we work with local poublishers, Factory, on the two distinctive publications: ‘Reach’ – a comprehensive guide to Higher Education, and ‘Direction’ – a captivating magazine that showcase the diverse career journeys of local individuals. Annually, we organise career fairs within schools and conduct industry workshops and events at the library. Stay updated on our activities and upcoming events by following us on social media @SkillsJersey and visiting our Skills Show website at

Our Skills Intelligence Officers support Senior Officers within Government including CYPES and the Economy along with expert industry groups to appropriately respond to current and future skills gaps and trends, including through developing our current and future workforce, to create a dynamic commercial landscape that will ensure a thriving economy and island community. 

This is achieved through providing advice and suggestions for moving forward informed by labour market information and wide-ranging and up to date research from related experts and professional bodies, across international jurisdictions. 

Employer Engagement
Our Skills Development Leads provide links between all areas of the economy from schools, businesses, and the Government to develop the knowledge, aspirations and employability skills of young people and all Islanders. 

This includes meeting with all industry sectors in the Island to find out what skills they may be looking for in a potential employee and if there are areas where skills may be in short supply.

We can support industries to develop relevant skills pathway opportunities, including: apprenticeships, training courses, work experience, and insight days from various providers to bridge those gaps.

The aim is to make sure that islanders have the knowledge and skills that are required to make Jersey a thriving place to live and work.

Work Experience & similar initiatives
Over 1,000 Year 10 students take part in Trident each year which is a valuable two-week work experience introduction to the world of work. Students choose from approximately 500 placement opportunities which is offered by over 350 local employers. This initiative aims to provide students with firsthand experiences of various working environments, instil a strong work ethic, and foster the development of essential life and employability skills.

Skills Camps 
Short two-day school holiday camps for students in Years 7 to 11 are facilitated by our team, along with training providers including Highlands College within a variety of industries including hospitality, hair and beauty, entrepreneurship, engineering, agriculture and many more which provides students with a fun and engaging way to learn new skills and gain an insight into the industry. 

Insight Days
Insight days are offered to students between Year 9 to Year 12 which focuses on in depth insight into a specific vocational area where students gain valuable knowledge from a variety of professionals within their field.  These include, but are not limited to, Medicine, Healthcare, Teaching, Hospitality and Construction.