Amber Coupland

Manager Best Start Partnership 

What does a typical day look like for you? 

I manage the Best Start Partnership, a single body which brings together the voices of children and families with local representatives from the public, private, community and voluntary sectors. We represent the interests of children (0-5) in the development, implementation and evaluation of government strategies and policies. My role is to manage and coordinate the work that we do.  I start each day checking and sending emails, this is normally followed by meetings with different partners, organisations, children, and families, to work on shared projects, initiatives, and documentation. In between this, I’m doing the background work that is needed to support our work as a partnership.  

How did you get your job? / What training, degree, education do you need? 

I studied for a Level 3 in Childcare and Education and then a BA in Education, specialising in early years with qualified teacher status. During those 6 years of study, I undertook various early years job roles and when I returned to Jersey, I taught within early years for 11 years. Alongside this, I carried out different roles such as working within the Early Years Advisory Team. When I saw my role advertised, I knew it would be a great opportunity to be part of a partnership that has a wide impact on how Jersey supports children and families in the earliest years. 

What are the most important skills needed for your role/job? 

The ability to multitask- with so many partners, there is always lots going on.

Relationship building. 

Good communication. 

Are there any future skills you will need to learn for your role? 

There is constantly new research, articles and journals being released with up-to-date information about how to best support children and families within the early years. This means that I will always have to be reading, researching, and learning to keep up to date. 

What is the best part of your job? / What motivates you in this role?

Our vision is for Jersey to be the best place for all children to grow up. This motivates my everyday decision making. We know that we can make the biggest difference by focusing our efforts on the earliest years.  The best part is knowing that the work that we do as a partnership has a positive impact on Jersey’s children and families. 

What advice would you give someone interested in a career in your profession? 

Choose early years as your career. There is such a variety of roles that you can go into, and you can transfer your skills to support you in progressing your career at each step. Early years is a great sector to be working within as it’s rewarding knowing that you are contributing to shaping the lives of our youngest children but It’s also great fun. 

Tell us a fun fact…

The brain develops most rapidly before birth and during the first years of life.  A baby’s brain doubles in size in the first year, making 1 million neural connections per second and by age 3 is 80% of its final adult size. 

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