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Erica Zschaber 

Registered Manager of LV Home Care / Senior Health Carer Assistant  – LV Care Group

What does a typical day look like for you? 

My day typically starts with a handover from the night staff. I then go around the unit providing wake-up calls to clients, accompanied with their favourite morning coffee or tea. Where needed, I help those who may have difficulties getting out of bed, and assist with moving safely around the home, their daily living activities, and personal care. I supervise the team of carers by providing them with guidance and support, ensuring adequate PPE, and retrieving necessary documents. Additionally, I carry out spot checks on Home Carers. There are also duties such as scheduling GP appointments, following up on medication requests, managing district nurse interventions, and handling any needs pertaining to the well-being of clients, families, and staff.

How did you get your job? / What training, degree, education do you need? 

Initially, I graduated in Psychology in Brazil. This degree helped provide a good foundation so that when I moved to Jersey and started this job, even though I had no experience, I was able to really embrace my duties as a career. I have since attained my Care Level 2 Diploma (Level 2 RQF) and Level 3 RQF and now I’m starting my Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management of Adult Care.

What are the most important skills needed for your role/job? 

Knowledge of all procedures and basic training. Treating people in a sensitive, respectful, and empathetic manner, and doing so with patience. Most importantly, you must be passionate, and have a desire to help people live better lives.

Are there any future skills you will need to learn for your role? 

As I am starting a new position of Manager of Home Care, in addition to my Adult Care Diploma, I will need to develop specific skills relating to the new manage role, such as leadership and management, and effective organisation and time-management. It will also be helpful to grow my ability to effectively manage and prioritise workloads, both for myself and for the team.

What is the best part of your job? / What motivates you in this role?

The best part of my job is when I am in contact with the clients, and I feel that I am doing my best to make their lives better. What motivates me is the desire and love I have for helping people. Personal growth, learning new skills, and overcoming challenges are things I find especially rewarding. It feels good finding solutions to new problems.

What advice would you give someone interested in a career in your profession? 

I would tell them to come as it is a rewarding career, looking after someone that will give you nothing but gratitude. There is more to kind of job than simply how much you earn per hour; it is about passion towards another human being that needs you. Whether it’s for daily tasks as washing and eating, or they just need you to chat or even comfort them.

Tell us a fun fact… 

My family always wanted to know the origin of our surname, and just when I moved to Jersey, they found out that the spelling was wrong, and that’s why nobody could ever find out any information before.

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