Jon Moore

Jon Moore

I don’t really have a typical day, one day is completely different to the next. That’s the best thing about our industry – there is no repetition or boring days. Late Friday afternoon is computer games and beer (so long as we don’t have a deadline).

What do you think are the three most important skills to succeed in your career area?
Adaptability, capability and experience.

Was this something you planned to do or did you change direction at any point in the past? If so, what was that and was it easy to do?
I was working for a parcel company in Middlesbrough when I was 18 and hated every minute of it. One day I just got up and walked out – a few months later I was at college and working towards a new career, I was skint for years but much happier.

What do you love most about working in your career area?
The variety of projects; some are smaller local projects with people who are very passionate about their product and some are huge, international jobs where collectively you are looking to make a change and impact people’s lives in a positive way. You also meet a lot of interesting people along the way.

Are there any negative aspects of working in your career area that people considering it should be aware of?
Long hours, sometimes we work through the night and have to give up our weekends to meet deadlines – it’s all worth it though.

What training / qualifications did you undertake for your current role or are you currently undertaking?
I went to Leeds University and studied Visual Communication. University was decent but I couldn’t wait to leave, you learn more in the first year at work than you would in three years of higher education.

Is there any other information that would be of interest to someone thinking of this career?
Jersey currently has a small talent pool, we are desperate for younger people to get involved in the local digital market. If you’re not one for finance or pecking at a keyboard all day then there is an alternative in the creative industry – it’s an amazing industry to be in.

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