Student Finance are a small team within Skills Jersey who assist students and parents with applying for and receiving funding towards their higher education. 

The application process is very quick and quite simple, but there a few tips they have that can make it easier for you!

Application process – Top Tips!

Ensure that you complete all the questions correctly. If you have passed exams or waiting for results please enter them on the application.

Complete the application early, it opens in January, as this can help speed up the process so you will know how much funding you will get in plenty of time.

Do your research, especially regarding tuition fees and accommodation costs which vary considerably throughout the UK and abroad.

Put down a personal email address and not your school email, we do contact students a lot via email and if you have left school you may not have access to the email again.

Make use of the numerous drop in sessions and presentations that we hold each year as this can be an invaluable source of information. It will also enable you to talk to one of the team face-to-face.

Don’t listen to rumours
, if you have a question please contact us directly so we can give you the most up to date and correct information.

Make use of the information that is on our website, there is a lot there and your question will probably be answered by looking through our pages. If you are unsure please contact us.

Read the information that we send you in letters and emails. We spend a lot of time replying to students and parents because they haven’t read fully what has been sent to them.