Georgia Kelly

I am based at Jersey Archive in the Historic Buildings team. I record anything of historical interest in Jersey including historic buildings and archaeological sites. This information is inputted into a database and each site is mapped onto GIS software. This involves a lot of historical research and working with other organisations and local historians in Jersey. This is known as an HER which will be launched online in 2020. I also run the Jersey Young Archaeologists’ Club which allows 8-16 year olds to have a go at archaeology focussing on a different topic each month. I help to promote Jersey Heritage’s sites and events through social media particularly Facebook and Instagram.

What do you think are the three most important skills to succeed in your career area?
An interest and enthusiasm in history
Research skills 
Communication e.g. with other organisations, local historians, talks to the public or at conferences

Was this something you planned to do or did you change direction at any point in the past? If so, what was that and was it easy to do?
I’ve always wanted to work in archaeology/ museums so I’m extremely lucky and grateful to be able to work in a job where I can use my degree locally in Jersey. I briefly wanted to be a florist which I tried during my Trident placement which was a good way to find out it was not for me. Straight after my placement I began volunteering at Jersey Heritage. That was ten years ago!

What do you love most about working in your career area?
Working in heritage is quite varied so I’ve enjoyed the different projects I’ve worked on including WWII aircraft crash sites, the Le Catillon II coin hoard and now the Jersey HER. I am always learning something new because of the research I do as part of my current role.

Are there any negative aspects of working in your career area that people considering it should be aware of?
Heritage jobs are few and far between especially in Jersey. A lot of roles can be temporary or voluntary but it is worth getting as much experience as you can.

What training / quali cations did you undertake for your current role or are you currently undertaking?
My BSc in Archaeology and particular modules within my degree helped me with my current role. Later this year, I will be undertaking some training in mapping software and working with the British Museum as part of their Knowledge Exchange Programme. I am also looking into joining the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and undertaking a distance learning masters in Museum Studies.

Is there any other information that would be of interest to someone thinking of this career?
The heritage sector is a great community to be a part of and a bit like Jersey everyone knows each other. If you’re interested in history/ archaeology try and volunteer as this will show your enthusiasm and you can make contacts within that organisation.

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