Amanda Goddard

There is no typical day for me! Day to day tasks include helping customers, dealing with stock in and out of the warehouse, merchandising, window displays and of course testing products (yes that means I build LEGO!). More specifically to my role I am also responsible for meeting with suppliers, responding to emails, managing social media pages, paying invoices, putting together orders and stock checks, and also trips to the UK for meetings, store visits and to view new products and ranges. Every day is so different but there is always time for fun and a cup of tea!

What do you think are the three most important skills to succeed in your career area?
Communication – This is one of the most important parts of customer service.
Flexibility – To keep up with the ever changing day.
Organisation – I have to deal with approximately 70 suppliers and around 5,000 different product lines.

Was this something you planned to do or did you change direction at any point in the past? If so, what was that and was it easy to do?
I left college with the typical assumption that I would get a job in an office environment. I was already working as a Saturday sales assistant at Bambola and was then offered a full time position until I found a ‘real’ job. That was nine years ago. I studied a long-distance Psychology degree and once I had qualified I was at the point where I loved my job so much. I was offered more opportunities to be involved with buying responsibilities that I decided this was the right job environment for me and I chose to work toward my current role. With hard work you can progress in retail and I am able to use my artistic air in the role. I couldn’t imagine now being confined to a desk all day.

What do you love most about working in your career area?
The main thing I love about my role is the trips to London Toy Fair and buying shows. The people make the role really enjoyable, I work with
a great team and we have great customers and suppliers. Knowing that we get to see the toys children (and adults) will want before they even know they want them makes the job even more rewarding. Christmas time is the best time to work in retail and we get to help Santa fulfil his orders.

Are there any negative aspects of working in your career area that people considering it should be aware of?
Christmas may be the best time but can also be the worst time as that is when you are needing to work harder and longer hours to keep
up with customer needs. The time does pass quickly though as you are so busy.

What training / quali cations did you undertake for your current role or are you currently undertaking?
I learnt most of my knowledge through working and asking questions and am now currently studying a Business Studies degree with the Open University. This has definitely helped solidify the knowledge I need for the role. I now know how the business works and runs in order to be successful.

Is there any other information that would be of interest to someone thinking of this career?
There is now a Retail Knowledge course at Highlands College which two of my colleagues have attended which would have been beneficial at the beginning of my journey. There is also the opportunity to then progress to a Retail Management course which would give you the skills you need to progress in retail.

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