Fabrice Le Luyer

Fabrice Le Luyer

A typical day would be keeping a constant eye on the health and performance of the SQL database. This is the core of my responsibilities, any negative variation in database performance/health will have a direct negative impact on the website and could limit the amount of traffic (people browsing and purchasing) or in a worst case scenario take down the site. I also work on a range of tickets that are a mix of business development requirements such as the development of new features, any ongoing technical required maintenance or optimisations and resolving technical support issues raised by other departments.

How did you get your job?
I previously worked for Unitysoftware who provide software for Trust and Investment companies. I started out on the support desk and worked my way up to more technical roles, eventually specialising in SQL Admin and Development. After ten years
I felt I needed a new challenge and I applied for my current role at Feelunique.

What motivates you in this role?
From a young age I have had an interest in technology and how it all works. I was always fixing or building faster computers just so I could play the latest computer games. It was not until I was in my late teens that I realised I could do this for a living and by that point my attention had shifted from hardware to software.

Are there any future skills you will need to learn for your role?
You will always need to keep learning about new features on the platforms you work on as well as new developments within your industry. I have recently been looking into undertaking the digital leadership programme or a CMI Diploma in people management which will help leading technical projects.

What are the three most important skills required for your role?
A friendly, optimistic personality and behaving with integrity are essential for creating a professional relationship of trust and respect.
A high level of technical competency and an aptitude to implement best practices.
Willingness and eagerness to constantly learn and evolve in whatever technical field you are in.

What advice would you give someone interested in a career in your profession?
If you are just starting out with software development then be
patient with yourself, it takes time to learn and master, keep calm and carry on!

Several years back I undertook and passed a Yoga teacher training course in Dynamic yogamethodology and I am now a qualified Yoga teacher.

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