Dane Sutton

Dane Sutton

It ranges widely depending what project we are working on at the time. I could be decking someone’s garden or building a loft conversion, to designing, building and fitting a bespoke kitchen or walk in wardrobe!

How did you get your job?
My dad and both older brothers are also carpenters and have their own building companies also, we grew up on building sites so it would have been difficult for me to go down any other road.

What motivates you in this role?
Progression and seeing our finished product. Hearing our client’s feedback. Coming across new problems to figure out. Learning new tricks, and finding new materials, tools or techniques that can help our work quality or speed. All these things motivate me!

Are there any future skills you will need to learn
for your role?
Yes always, 4+5=9 but so is 7+2! There’s always a different way to do things which people will find easier or better.

What are the three most important skills required for your role?
Reliability, efficiency and an eye for detail. 

What advice would you give someone interested in a career in your profession?
Have an open mind, knowledge is power. Always look for ways to be better and get ahead. Listen, and think.

I am a big fan of mixed martial arts ghter Conor McGregor.

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